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When it comes to carrying out reliable ventilation services in the North West, Bespoke Ventilation Services Ltd has always been at the forefront. It is observed that about 85% of deaths in fire outbreaks are caused due to smoke inhalation. Fire-resistant ductwork can help in the safe dispersal of hazardous fumes. Our experienced staff can undertake the installation of fire-rated ventilation systems for commercial and industrial premises across Liverpool and beyond.

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Our services include the installation and maintenance of various types of ductwork, including Rectangular Metal Ductwork, Spiral Metal Ductwork, PVC Ductwork, and Fire Rated Ductwork.

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Ventilation Installation

We can also install ventilation systems and fume extraction systems for all types of domestic and commercial properties including offices, schools and factories.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

We can also install various Kitchen Ventilation Systems such as kitchen canopies, extract and supply ductwork, and kitchen ventilation control systems.

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